Why I still use Photoshop

A lot of people ask me about how I post-process my photos and I tell them it is all done with Lightroom. I love Lightroom and have used it since its first version. Through the years, I found myself using Photoshop less and Lightroom more. There are very few exceptions like the photo below. I was preparing the photo for print and wanted to get rid of the boat. Lightroom has better tools for cloning and healing, but not for large objects like the boat. I pull this in from Lightroom, removed the boat, cloned some grass in front of where it used to be and back into Lightroom. All other processing happened in Lightroom.
I initially used Lightroom for its cataloging capabilities. I used Photomatix for HDRs and Photoshop for most all my processing. Lightroom now does 95% of my processing. I used to capture 3 shots of every landscape at -2.0.+2EV. That way I could process it through Photomatix. I used Photomatix not so much to give me a HDR look, but to give me the dynamic range of both the sky and foreground. Now, I look at my histogram on the back of my camera. If I have the shadows and highlights in there, I know Lightroom can process it with no problem.
Speaking of Lightroom’s cataloging, as long as you keyword your photos you will be able to find them. This photo was taken in 2010 at Island Lodge on Lake Clark in Alaska. I just searched for Meg and Lake Clark and boom there it is.

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