Inserting Watermark from Lightroom

I used to watermark my photos with actions in Photoshop. Once I started to use Lightroom , I searched for a way that I did have to export the photo to Photoshop. There did not seem to be an easy way to do it in Lightroom.

I did a get deal of research and found Timothy Arme’s Blog. You will need his LR2/Mogrify plugin to insert a watermark on Lightroom export.

A lot of people have asked me how I do my watermarks. Not only how I export them, but how I made them. I use Photoshop CS4 and I will step through my process as I create a new watermark.

You can click on any image for a larger view.

Alaska Photography

First thing I did was find a clipart file of Alaska. I tried all kinds of graphics, but a simple outline was all I needed for my simple watermark. The problem with this clipart was the white background and there was no depth.

Alaska Photography

I used Photoshop’s >Select>Color Range, selected the white background and deleted it.

Alaska Photography

I then added my text and copyright symbol. Added layer styles using bevel, stroke and emboss. You may also want to play around with the opacity.


This is a very important step. You must not save as a jpg if you want to keep your transparency. I played around with that for a couple hours. Just save it as a png file and it with keep the transparency.

Now go and get Timothy’s plugin here. Be sure to donate, we really want him to continue his great work.

Alaska Photography

This is the export box when I upload to flickr. You have to play around with the location. Notice that I have quite a bit of offset in both the Horizontal and Vertical boxes.

Alaska Photography

Here is the final output. This works for landscape and portrait photos. A great tool for Lightroom workflow.

Here are more examples:

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  • Thank you so much! This tutorial was so easy to follow and it works like a charm.

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