Las Vegas

Just got back from Las Vegas, what a great trip. It is a fun place to visit, but would not want to live there. We were there 4 nights and saw 3 shows so our nights were pretty busy. I hiked with my tripod the first night and did not want to go through the hassle again so I started to use the high ISO rating that the 5D mark ii is touted to have.

las vegas 4033 Las Vegas

New York, New York

Here is a shot of New York, New York shot at ISO 1600. 1600 is for wimps, I pushed the camera to 3200 to see what it could do.

las vegas 4053 Las Vegas

Caesar's Palace

las vegas 4052 Las Vegas

Caesar's Palace

las vegas 4051 Las Vegas

Caesar's Palace

las vegas 4063 Las Vegas

Caesar's Palace

All the above photos were taken at ISO 3200 with my 5D. Although they are noisy, for my personal use these photos do just fine. I was happy not carrying my tripod through the busy streets of Vegas.

las vegas 4129 Las Vegas


I even tried some difficult indoor shots. We had a couple margaritas here and listened to a great band. If you want to listen to a classic rock band this is the place to go.

las vegas 4143 Las Vegas

The ceiling of the Venetian

las vegas 4166 Las Vegas

The Venetian

las vegas 4198 Las Vegas

Caesar's Palace

More inside shots. I was pleased with the way these turned out. I used my Brno balens a lot to get the white balance correct. I just had to remember to take it off custom white balance when we went outside.

las vegas 4195 Las Vegas

The Palazzo

las vegas 4194 Las Vegas

The Venetian

While in Las Vegas we stayed at the MGM Grand and we walked everywhere.

las vegas 4238 Las Vegas

MGM Grand

During our stay we saw the Blue Man Group, Phantom of the Opera and Ka. If you want my opinion, email me and I will share my experience.


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