Juneau Waterfalls

I have been to Juneau twice this month. The first time was 5 days and it rained on us the entire time. Last week was much nicer…80 degrees and sunny…in Juneau. Nothing like Southeast Alaska on a clear day.

The last day of my first trip the rain slowed so I finally got my camera out. The light was poor so I headed to some waterfalls I knew about. These are Salmon Creek Falls just outside of Juneau. I was the only person there. I wish I would have had more time, but I had a plane to catch.

I used my ND8 filter which brings down the light 3 full stops. This allowed me to create long exposure photos without blowing out the highlights. This was my first try at long exposure HDR. All the photos in this blog are 3 long exposures combined and tonemapped in Photomatix.

wpid708 IMG 0541 2 3 Juneau Waterfalls

Salmon Creek Waterfall


wpid710 IMG 0565 6 7 Juneau Waterfalls

Salmon Creek Waterfall


wpid712 IMG 0578 79 80 Juneau Waterfalls

Salmon Creek Waterfall


wpid714 IMG 0587 8 9 Juneau Waterfalls

Salmon Creek Waterfall


wpid716 IMG 0599 600 601 Juneau Waterfalls

Salmon Creek Waterfall


Ebner Falls is a little more work. Hiking up Perseverance Trail with all my gear, including my heavy duty tripod, in 80 degree weather. We Alaskans are wimpy when it comes to heat.

wpid720 IMG 1255 6 7Enhancer Juneau Waterfalls

Ebner Falls

wpid722 IMG 1276 7 8Enhancer Juneau Waterfalls

Ebner Falls


wpid724 IMG 1326 7 8Enhancer Juneau Waterfalls

Ebner Falls


I revisited Salmon Creek Falls on a nice day. The light was not that much different, it sits in a rain forest so not much light gets through.

wpid726 IMG 1514 5 6Enhancer Juneau Waterfalls

Salmon Creek Waterfall


wpid728 IMG 1532 3 4Enhancer Edit Juneau Waterfalls

Salmon Creek Waterfall

Be sure to visit Juneau’s waterfalls the next time you are there.


8 Responses to Juneau Waterfalls

  • Great pic I will go there when I come to Alaska in September

  • These photos are STUNNING. Thank you so much for sharing your corner of the planet with us! Can’t wait to explore the rest of your blog when I have the time to immerse myself. I believe a visual feast awaits. :)

  • This s a fantastic series of beautiful images.
    I rarely have had the pleasure of beeing at a waterfall or stream. And I didnt have my tripod with me.

  • A couple of really well done image. Nice work.
    [referred from HDRSpotting]

  • These are gorgeous!!
    My husband worked in Alaska for a while many years ago and loved it there, and now my son is thinking about moving there.

  • Beautiful photos.
    As a resident of Juneau, I feel I must inform you that Ebner Falls is found by hiking up the Perseverance Trail… NOT “Preservation”.
    Thanks for showing a couple of our better-known waterfalls. Feel free to email me if you should come this way again, and I’d be honored to show you others.

  • Thanks Michael, corrected. I will probably be in Juneau next week, but only a very short trip.

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