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My wife and I live in Wasilla, Alaska. Wasilla is 40 miles north of Anchorage and is home to about 6500 people.

Alaska photography is a passion of mine and I enjoy taking photographs of wolves,bears, landscapes, sports and eagles. Check out my eagle gallery.


My most recent photos are on my Blog. I update the blog with photos from my travels and keep it current.


I travel extensively around Alaska and take my camera everywhere. My work takes me to the most remote regions of the state. I enjoy the solitude and beauty of remote Alaska and have tried to capture images to reflect that. Some of the places I visit may be familiar because they are on the Iditarod trail. They are quite remote and require access by small plane. We also have sites in the most remote sections of the Alaska Range. This takes me to places like Lake Clark Pass and Merrill Pass. These sites are only accessible by helicopter.


For fun, my wife and I will drive to Seward or Homer south of us. These are must see places to visit while in Alaska. Although they are very crowded in the summer, there is some spectacular scenery and lots of activities for tourists. Heading north finds us having coffee in Talkeetna. Talkeetna is a jumping off place for Denali climbers and is buzzing with activity in the summer. You can get some great views of Denali from Talkeetna. We generally stay away from Denali National Park in the height of tourist season and prefer to hike or ride our 4-wheelers south of the park. If you visit Alaska, Denali National Park should be at the top of your list for places to see. Last year I was fortunate enough to get a lottery ticket which allowed me to drive my truck to Wonder Lake in mid-September.


My award winning prints have been featured in galleries as far away as Florida. My images have appeared on several calender covers and cruise company brochures.  My eagle photos have sold to The Bradford Exchange, been printed in a books, donated to veteran organizations and soldiers serving in Afghanistan and featured  online articles on photographing eagles.

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  • I have a picture taken either this year or last of one of my brothers dogs peaking out of his dog truck prior to the running of the Iditarod. I am making a quilt for the Snowhook Kennel to auction off for fund raising for the 2012 run and am considering using this photo on this quilt if I may have your permission to do so. A response ASAP would be great!! I am starting this project next week.

    Thank you,

    Kelly Savidis Olson

  • Mike,
    I grew up in Alaska and miss it. Bad. I was reading the ADN and saw your photo of Denali. Awesome, just awesome. Nice work. I posted your photo on Facebook with an attribution to you and akphotograph.com I hope this is okay. I would like to share your work with others that I work with at Michigan State and other people I have contact with.

    Thanks for the great photos.


    Kraig Ehm
    Television Producer
    Michigan State University

  • So here I am scanning the internet for a nice eagle picture and what do I find but these great shots taken by none other than my old friend Mike Criss. I’m thinking to myself this must be another Mike Criss that lives in Wasilla. Nope, i see your picture and there you are (don’t worry I’m not going to comment on your shirt). Wow, outstanding work. i guess next I’ll find out Curtis now publishes poetry and Bill is giving relaxation seminars.

    Take Care
    Ken Peck

  • Very awesome pictures sir.
    I had the pleasure to visit your beautiful state several years ago and as I have told others pictures do not do justice to the beauty. Now I change my mind your shots look like I am there again!
    A question I have is I got an eagle shot of yours in front of the US flag. The eagle is my companies logo and I want to use that eagle for a company flag.
    How do I do that? Do you charge for the photos or what is the process??
    Again congrats on some beautiful work!

  • Terry,
    Thanks for the compliment, I charge $100 for a digital download. It is a high resolution file and comes with a Royalty Free License.
    Link is here:


  • Hi Mike,
    Just wanted to say hi and say congrats on your shot in Alaska mag. i have 2 shots behind your cute dog shot for the contest
    i was in 10th and 12th today so log on and vote for me..LOL…… . Good luck and i will See you at this years race…..Mike Kenney

  • Mike,My brother lives in Palmer and last year before the race I was planning to have coffee with you before I went out to Rohn ,It didn’t work out last year perhaps this year. I will be in the area from February 14 until they ship me out to Rohn Fedruary 18th.
    Jasper Bond

  • Hello Mike,
    I’ve been looking at some of you great work in Alaska and was wondering if you knew a friend of mine that I have lost contact with. His name is Dave Schutt and the last time I was able to reach him he was in Wasilla. He is about 69 years old, former teacher, widowed, and Catholic. If you know him I would like to get back in touch with him. We went to college many years ago.
    Thanks so much.
    Have a great day.
    Larry Jernigan

  • Hello Mike, We are a small design agency in zurich, Switzerland and I would be interested in purchasing several of your photos in a digital format and use them as backdrops for a web design I am working on. Would it be possible to reach you via email? I look forward to your response, Regards Georges Kaspar

  • Amazing photos! I found your blog through another, through another and yet another. My daughter & son-in-law live in Wasilla. I’ve been to Anchorage and to Seward ~ incredible scenery. Thank you for your gorgeous work. I think I’ll have to keep an eye on your site!

  • Mike – your photos are amazing!

    My daughter is an avid photographer and has her flicker site, but in all the pictures I view from around the world, your collection “stuns” the senses. What a gift. You and your wife should be commended at creating such a site and allow folks to see up close what we would normally never see.

    I have passed along your links to friends and I’m sure you will be getting some orders.

    Way to go!

  • Hi I like your photoes.They are amazing…You are a good photographer .I’m learning photography and very intresting to take pictures everywhere,I hope my study will be good as well.

  • I want to thank for bringing back to me a ton of childhood memories. I just received an email from Ken Mathewson re: his father’s crash on Merrill Pass which you photographed. Donald was a school mate of mine in Newington, Ct. You were able to provide Ken, his son, with info of enormous comfort. And me. Thanks a million. Dan

  • Your photos are AMAZING! I must know what camera(s)/equipment you use!

  • Breathtaking! Thank you for your sharing your talent!

  • mike – great to see your photos again – i ran across the one of denali – with the wonderful light on the mountains and the pink flowers in the foreground – just spectacular! it is one of my favorite spring/mountain photos! glad you started a blog!

    i liked you on facebook – hope to see more of your work that way!

    take care! -lisa

    p.s. we corresponded in email a long time ago – and i told you to create a calendar of your photos! i’m still a fan!

  • I love your photo of Hatcher Pass Lodge with the mountains in the background. Was this taken in the morning or afternoon? Gorgeous gallery!!!

  • Thanks Kathy, that was a 5:50am photo. I love Hatcher Pass!

  • I have a question, one of our photos (Denali, taken 20 Aug 08 (Alaska)) is on a Jig Saw Puzzle with 2000 p. from MB Hasbro.
    To you now wehre I can buy it? I´am from Austria.
    Great Photo!

  • Joachim, I have searched and could not find the puzzle. I did not know that photo was made into a puzzle. Where did you see one?


  • Hi Mike,
    My wife and I are from New Zealand and have booked to travel to Alaska for the first time in September 2014. Would it be possible to let me know of just a few prime places to photograph on the Kenai Peninsular.
    I am very much an amateur photographer and am looking forward so much to touring that part of your gorgeous State.
    Max Carr

  • Hi Mike,
    great to see your photos. I Love all your photos.

    hello from germany

  • Thanks for stopping by Rene!

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